There are several things going on here. Mainly this site provides a goad to overcome my procrastination of several years and write a book of very uncertain genre. The only way I can imagine doing this is to begin with Chapter One and continue. Publishing drafts as I go with the current posted here. Previous chapters will be under Chapter Drafts. They will be like placing posts along a fence line. A half finished fence says a lot about the builder. Next, this serves as a blog for rants, comments and possibly longer pieces and, last, I finally have a place to archive work.  For the origins of Ztangi Press go here .


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No More Work

No More Work: Why Full Employment is a Bad Idea by James Livingston

To refer to economists as a priesthood has become a commonplace. Economists practice “a religion couched in the language of mathematics and statistics,” say Yanis Varoufakis. Their church, to carry the symbolism further, has a magnificent gold and marble altar where they offer praise to Capital.