Campaign for a Museum of Marxism on Wall Street

Today we begin our fundraising campaign for a long over due tribute to the world-class economic insights of Karl Marx.

The proposed Museum of Marxism will be an interactive center incorporating the latest cutting-edge museum technology.

Visitors will be able to walk through the Hall of Materialism and see large screen displays of the history of labor’s struggle for a democratic society.

Teens can enter the Child Labor Chamber of Horrors for a scary view of the past (and future?)

Children will be able to play in the Labor Theory of Value Room, essentially a large gym.

The Arcade of Casino Capitalism will provide fun for all – like the “Bounce the Broker” where visitors guess how high cash-bloated Wall Street denizens will travel when dropped from various Dow Jones Indices.

Daily lectures by a host of Marxist luminaries, radical films, music, theater and dance events round out the experience.

Soon we will roll out our website and mass media campaign.

Watch for it.