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An Enclosure Called Politics: Surrealism and Electoral Politics

The quadrennial abuse visited upon us by the boosters of the State, and their supplicants, grows worse. This electoral circus (to be clear, I am not limiting my scorn to that baroque institution, the Electoral College, ridiculed by all, even those, worldwide, who genuflect to what they perceive to be more sophisticated governing structures), this circus, I repeat, solidified after years of debate in the United States at the end of the 18th Century, when the assumption that control of unruly social forces belonged to wealthy white men (who, alone, had the franchise), was imposed, though not necessarily obeyed (rebellions repeatedly threatened the new rulers of the former colonies), and amounts to nothing more than a counter-revolutionary culmination of a bloody uprising – erroneously termed The American Revolution – that, itself, foreclosed Thomas Paine’s revolutionary vision.

Preface to the Teleology of Anti-Ownership

Industrialism, and what came to be referred to as capitalism, took shape as we all know in a tumultuous era marked by a struggle that encompassed social and intellectual upheavals. During these several centuries the opposition to the dominance of Capital took many forms; in the early period from the aristocracy to the peasants who fought the enclosures and the early mechanization of economic life to the later period the craftspeople and the workers in the new factories.