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Your Brain on Autopilot

Recent scientific research has definitively demonstrated that the notion of capitalism as the natural result of the human species quest for aggrandizement on all levels has no validity. Not only is our species empathetic and cooperative, but also this aspect of life extends deep into our ancestry – actually, as some say, life itself down to cells is defined by cooperation.

A Modest Trickle-down Economic Proposal

The people who claim that they are adversely affected by the economic consequences of policies that perpetuate the US distribution of wealth have, in fact, no alternative economic option to choose. While some politicians try to create the illusion of a wide spectrum of viable approaches to alleviating poverty, we know that they serve up these schemes only to burnish their liberal brand.

Campaign for a Museum of Marxism on Wall Street

Today we begin our fundraising campaign for a long over due tribute to the world-class economic insights of Karl Marx.

The proposed Museum of Marxism will be an interactive center incorporating the latest cutting-edge museum technology.

Visitors will be able to walk through the Hall of Materialism and see large screen displays of the history of labor’s struggle for a democratic society.